Curious Bee 

​​Curious Bee learning program is developed to support all areas of child development:

  • Physical Health, Well-Being, and Movement Skills

Every day starts with a fun morning exercise, which helps the kids to wake up their bodies and charge them with energy for a busy, productive day.

15 minutes of Yoga before nap time helps children relax and calm down for nap time.

Dance Class is one the kid’s favorites. We are introducing the kids to ballet and jazz while allowing them to express themselves through creative movement.


  • Social and Emotional Development

Learning to play (especially with others) is an important skill. The children have plenty of opportunities to develop their social skills during free play and guided play. Our classroom is designed in a way that each child will be able to find a favorite activity he/she can share with a friend. The kids will have a chance to interact with each other independently as well as being involved in teacher – organized group games.

  • Approaches to Learning

Every child is unique in their approach to new tasks, difficult problem or challenges.   We are here to provide a variety of learning experiences for our children with a choice of activities in literacy, math, science, art, dramatic play, manipulative and sensory. We offer activities that encourage children to think, reason and experiment. Children will have an opportunity to explore a variety of materials such as sand, water, blocks and science tools.


  • Cognitive, Speech and Language development

Every day we are helping our children to develop their memory and imagination as well as attention skills, teaching them to understand things symbolically and to understand the ideas of past and future through lots of reading, story-telling and role-playing.


There are 3 educational blocks included in every day routine:

*Math and Logic /Science

*Language Arts